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Nokia 3310 , Coming Soon....

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Nokia 3310 set to make a comeback, Here is the reason

The Nokia 3310 doesn't require any introduction. Dead simple style, a nearly indestructible build and A battery that lasted for days made it one among the foremost well-liked phones within the world in early 2000.

HMD Global Oy, the Finnish company that has the rights to use Nokia’s brand on mobile phones, may be trying to money on this yearning by delivery back the long-lasting device. Renowned phone informant Evan “Evleaks” Blass has reported that HMD is getting ready a handset that shares the 3310 name.

Nokia went on to sell 126 million units of the device. The phone has gained cult status in recent years with users craving for a number of that legendary lustiness within the age of delicate glass-screened smartphones.

The Nokia brand created a comeback in January with HMD world launching the Nokia 6 smartphone via China’s e-commerce website JD.com. The phone was launched at a price of 1,699 CNY and saw a new 1.4 million registrations by interested consumers.

Here are the reasons why this relic of a phone was idolized so much and wide.

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1. It was indestructible

Throw it off a cliff, run it over with a steam roller or drop it down the toilet. This phone was not to be messed with.

2.Snake II

Probably the best game to possess ever been pre-installed on a phone.

3.You never really had to charge this phone

Seriously. 260 hours of standby battery - that’s more than ten days. In your face iPhone.

4.You could fit it into your pocket

Remember it being the proper size to snugly slip into even a combine of thin jeans? #bendgate

5.Changing the front and back phone cowl, snazzy.

You could physically modification the phone with a ne'er ending offer of colored and themed plastic cases

6.This phone invented text speech

K, TTYL, GN all the shortcuts.

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