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The Worst Tech Product Alltime

List of worst technology ever 

(Microsoft is on the top of list )

Worst Technology

Microsoft Windows Millennium (2000)

It could be the worst version of Windows ever released - or, at least, after the dark days of Windows 2.0. Windows Millennium Edition (Me, or the Mistake Edition alias) for home users of Microsoft Windows 98 SE was the follow-up. Shortly after ME appeared in late 2000, have reported problems installing it, getting it to run, other hardware or software to work with it, and getting it to stop running to do. Aside from that, ME did a great job.
To their credit, ME restore the system, such as features later made popular by Windows XP, introduced. Unfortunately, it also attests to see you again, like viruses that you had deleted simply never wanted to restore. Forget Y2K, it was the real millennium bug.

Microsoft Bob (1995) 

No list of the worst Windows' idiot cousin, Bob would be complete without. Windows 3.1 for a "social" interface is designed as Bob in a living room filled with clickable objects, and cat-and-mouse cartoon chaos Scuzz a small suite of applications that went through such as "assistant" featured in a series of.
Fortunately, Bob soon, Windows 95 was buried in the avalanche of publicity around, although some of the cartoons lived on to annoy users of Microsoft Office and Windows XP (Clippy the animated paper clip, anyone?).
Mostly, Bob raised more questions than it answers. Like anyone at Microsoft actually used Bob? They think anyone would? And they deliberately Bob smiley face logo look like Bill Gates, or that was just an accident?

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (2001) 

Full of options, simple to use, and a virtual carven invite to hackers and different digital delinquents, internet explorer 6.x may well be the smallest amount secure software package in the world. How vulnerable? Any browser - - IE other than in June 2004, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) to use a browser took the unusual step of urging PC users. Their reason: IE users who SCOB wrong Web site or Download.Ject keylogger, which they used to steal passwords and other personal information that can be visited with the infected could end. Microsoft is the hole, and the next one, and the one after that, and so on, ad infinitum agreement.
To be fair, its ubiquity is a big red target painted on it - less popular apps hackers and thus do not draw nearly as much fire. But here's hoping that the Internet Explorer 7 springs fewer leaks than its predecessor.

Apple Macintosh Portable (1989)

Some buildings are portable, you have access to a Freightliner. You have enough on hand for people to get things rolling, then Stonehenge is a portable sundial. A 4-inch thick, 16-pound animal that severely "laptop" strained the definition of - - and a pain in the back of his porters and in 1989, Apple is a "portable" Macintosh offered.
Lead-acid batteries contributed to its enormous weight and bulk; Portable will not run on battery power because the AC was particularly important. Some computers are inexpensive; Portable that description only if you had $ 6500 of extra cash on hand to meet.

Apple Pippin @World (1996) 

Maybe if they were called Winesap Pippen instead ... Nah. This game console via a Granny Smith was slower than a worm. Maybe if they were called Winesap Pippen instead ... Nah. This game console through Xbox Smith.Before a grandmother was slower than a worm, the first PlayStation, Dreamcast first, Apple was Pippin. Wa-Na? That's right - Apple is an Internet-capable game console that connected to your TV. But this is a weak PowerPC processor ran at 14.4 Kbps modem came with a puny, so it was stupendously slow offline and online.
However, this was based on the Mac OS, so almost no games were available for it. Almost twice as much as other far more powerful game consoles - and it costs around $ 600. , Underpowered more, and underutilised - that pretty much everything that came out of Apple in the mid-90s explains.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2016) 

Talk about a disaster. It's improved S Pen, great camera and sleek water resistant design, for Note 7 literally exploded or caught fire to dozens of owners in August 2016 after getting rave reviews. Samsung is a worldwide recall affecting 2.5 million devices were forced to release.

note 7

But that's why it's not a world-class flop. Many also believed that the safe replacement of the fire or smoked 7s, a Southwest Airlines flight for another victim and causing the evacuation of smoke inhalation. Samsung sales ban on October 10 and will be closed the next day the phone permanently.

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