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Microsoft: Windows 10 Updates With Goodbye to Windows Vista

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Finally End of Vista

Microsoft decided to say goodbye to Windows Vista after 10 years of its release. Support for Windows vista ends today, that means users can need to move to a newer version of Windows to stay secure. It’s the end of an era for an OS that arrived late to the market with widespread criticisms.
Having the Codename longhorn, Windows vista was originally presupposed to revolutionise Windows with a brand new filing system and interface. Microsoft’s development of Vista spiralled out of control, and therefore the company was forced to reset its plans and specialise in shipping a stable version of Windows within the middle of its development phase. Microsoft had bold concepts for Windows vista within the years leading up to its unleash, as well as a brand new Windows Future Storage (WinFS) filing system. 

Here are Windows 10 Best-updated Features

Windows 10 creators update is ready to roll out for existing machines after testing. Here is the listing of top features of creators updates of windows 10.

Cortana Setup

If you install the Windows 10 Creator Update or just buy a new PC with Windows 10, then you will see that the Cortana shows you to guide during the setup process. Cortana will listen to your commands through microphone and speakers.
It's a clean joint, but if you want to set Windows 10 more traditional way, you can always use your keyboard and mouse instead of your voice. In any case, the entire process of installing Windows 10 is quite Has been simpler, especially if you compare it to how long and complex it took just 10 years ago to get a Windows Vista machine ready.

Game Mode

Microsoft also gives his focus on improving gaming experience in Windows 10 Creator Update. A new game mode in the Xbox apps is introduced which will give preference to CPU and GPU resources for the game. It is mainly designed to reduce background functions and other applications from all the system resources being harassed.

Picture in Picture

Microsoft is going to add picture-in-picture support to its Universal Windows zone. Just like Android and IOS, movies and TV app allow you to watch a movie or TV show and pop out the window, so it's always on the top, and Skype will call up from the other window. When you browse or work in other apps, you can see the content. Only a few Microsoft's owned apps will support Picture-in-picture this time but an update will be released soon.

Night Light

With the creator update, Microsoft has released its own version F.Lux is created in windows 10. Dubbed Night Light, you can set to reduce the blue light from the screen at a specific time after sunset or in the evening.

Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock is a new Windows 10 feature designed for the situation when you are away from your PC. The dynamic lock can automatically lock Windows 10 PCs. If you have a phone or wearable Bluetooth device, and Windows 10  senses once the Bluetooth connection is too far, it will lock the PC.

Paint 3d

Microsoft's creators update for Windows 10 has been built in the brain with 3D. As the name suggests, this is a 3D version of Microsoft's built-in Paint app, and it is fully modern. You can create 3D objects in Paint 3D and import made by community members of Remix 3D.

Inking in Windows Photos

Although it is not strictly a Windows 10 manufacturer update feature, Microsoft has recently updated its Photo App to support the Inking. This is a very important addition that allows you to choose a photo and annotate it and share it easily via email or social network.

Microsoft Edge Correction

Microsoft has also changed its browser edge, with new feature lets you set up tabs together and save for later use. This is an indispensable method for saving snapshots of your current browser window. If you are a heavy user of tabs then this is a welcome feature, but the new buttons that enable the feature are likely to be confusing for everyone.

Faster Windows Hello

One stunning addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update is that the incontrovertible fact that Windows hello gets quicker. Microsoft also changes in its privacy control.

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