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10 Top Google Tips and Tricks

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Google Tricks Everyone Should Know

Below could be a list of our prime 10 Google tricks, many of us who use Google do not know.

Find weather and films

Type "weather" or "movies" followed by a zip code/pin code or town and state to show current climatic conditions or motion picture theatres in your area. For instance, writing weather 813102 gives you the present climatic conditions for Banka Town, IN. writing movies 110005 gives you a link for show times for movies in Bank street area New Delhi, IN.


Pull up the definition of the word by writing define followed by the word you would like to outline. F
or instance, typing: define Technology would show the definition of that word.

Local search

Visit Google local enter the realm you would like to search and therefore the keyword of the place you would like to search out. For instance, typing: pub at the above link would show native Pubs and Discos.

Phone number search

Enter a full telephone number with code to show the name and address related to that phone number.

Track airline flight and packages 

Enter the airline and flight number to show the standing of an airline flight and it's time of arrival. For instance, type: United 82 to show this flight data with departure and arrival time along with terminal and gate, if obtainable.
Google can even provide a direct link to package chase data if you enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number.


Translate text, a full online page, or search by using the Google Language Tools. Google Translator is also provided by google, to translate in any language.

Pages connected to you

See what different websites are linking to your website or journal by writing link: followed by your URL. For instance, writing link:http://www.goutamaman.blogspot.com displays all pages linking to Technology blog.

Find PDF results solely 

Add fileType: to your search to show results that only match a particular file kind. For instance, if you needed to show PDF results only type: "Technology" fileType: pdf -- this is often an excellent way to find on-line manuals.


Use the Google search engine as a calculator by writing a mathematics problem within the search. For instance, typing: 500+200 would show results as 700.


Quickly get to a stock quote value, chart, and connected links by writing the stock symbol in Google. For instance, typing: INFY displays the stock info for INFOSYS.


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