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5 new technologies that can be used every day "announced at Google I / O"

5 new technology announced by Google IO

You do not have time to reply to mail "Smart Reply"

"Smart Reply" is a function that AI predicts reply from contents of mail and displays three reply candidates at the bottom of the screen. It was already installed in Google's mail application/service "Inbox", but it also appeared in Gmail. It is a perfect function to easily reply when you are in a hurry.
Smart Reply for Gmail is compatible with both iOS and Android. First of all, the function is released for the English-speaking world, after a few weeks will expand to Spanish, then the corresponding languages.

Clever cute 'Google Lens'

With Google Lens, your smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action. "Google Lens" automatically judges what the camera is shooting. However, not only by judging but also by combining with AI Assistant's Google Assistant, will demonstrate the true value.
For example, if you copy the exterior of a restaurant to a camera, you can display a review of the restaurant, or if you copy a menu of a foreign language, it automatically translates and finds what kind of food it is. It was nice to have Google Lens.

Even home appliances Google Assistant!

Well, it is a Google Assistant that turned out to come also on iOS devices, but it turned out to be able to respond to LG and GE (General Electric) home appliances at the recital! We can improve our existing products and be able to control LG refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers, air purifiers, GE's air conditioners and water heaters via voice, smaho and Google Home.
"Ok Google, wash clothes by noon." "Today it is flying yellow sand, it's better to stop outdoing, we are also going to turn on an air purifier," what is it?

Standalone VR goggles corresponding to Daydream also appear

Information that is pretty interesting to VR fans. VR goggles corresponding to Google's VR platform "Daydream" had been a method of inserting a smartphone, but from now on, independent (stand alone) type VR headset will appear from HTC VIVE and Lenovo (Lenovo)! With no smartphone or PC, you can enjoy VR with VR headset alone.
It is now a VR headset that is inconvenient to use because it requires adjustment because the smartphone shifts and too many cables to connect with the PC, and it is troublesome to use it, but if it is this, it seems to be used frequently. It's time to appear in the year! I wonder about how much it will appear.

Light and crisp "Android Go"

High-end smartphones such as the iPhone and the Galaxy S series are popular in developed countries, but on the other hand, there is a demand for inexpensive and crispy mobile terminals even if the function is restricted. To respond to such a voice, " Android Go " was announced.

This Android Go is a lightweight version of the next Android OS "Andriod O" originally designed for emerging countries. It features a feature that works with less than 1 GB of RAM and is customised to operate even in low communication speed environments.

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